The Jurors have made their selections

2018 Annual Juried Student Exhibition List of Accepted Entries

Graphic Design (selected by Chaz Maviyane-Davies):

Genevieve Ryder: Ambiguous

Chase Monico: No More Buzz

Kerrie DeFelice: The (mostly) Good Moments of 2017

Lauren Bupp: Hast du Mich Verarscht

Nicole Fenn: The Pursuit of Rain & Reaction

Nicole Fenn: Horizons

Kirstyn Swancer: Controversy

Lillia McGhee: Bruno Munari quote

Tyler Josbeno: TY

Kerrie DeFelice: The Revolution is Female

Jessica Harkcom: Type Patterns

Rebecca Beal: Opposing Opinions

Lauren Bupp: Tiddles for Days

Matthew Cates: At the Sunrise’s Edge



Fine Art (selected by Kate Kretz):

Darian Hoke: Rotten Eggs

Darian Hoke: Ivan

Darian Hoke: Froot 2

Darian Hoke: Ray 1

Gabe Clarke: Cabin Door

Ivy Rodgers: Spicy

Stacy Pineda: Red

Stacy Pineda: Buildings

Kaitlynn Miller: Cacti

Chase Monico: Save the Honey

Woon Joung Choi: Bow

Woon Joung Choi: Neil Savage

Lexus Gore: Sleeping with Moose

Autumn Fetterolf: Reverent Bark

James Martin: Battle of the Bulge

Kerrie DeFelice: We are all Human

Christine Ognibene: Shades of Blue

Kaityln Hopkins: Overlooking Deer Creek

Amber Wiesberg: With or Without Me

Lauren Bupp: Barn

Hannah Tedesco: Pill Popper

Samantha LoBue: Untitled (hand)

Beck Liberatore: Stuck

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