Drawn from grief

Cargo Cranes(small)

Have you seen Erin Fostel’s impressive drawings at Marketview Arts? The Baltimore-based artist uses charcoal and graphite to depict people, places and things such as the above Cargo Cranes, with detailed perfection.

Her recent series of architectural drawings began as she mourned the loss of her father, an architect, in 2014. Fostel set about exploring parts of Baltimore City she did not know well, places she thought would interest her dad, and this process of discovery became the foundation of her new work. Her interest is not in simply documenting buidings, but in capturing feeling. By exposing the drawing’s framework, she reveals both immensity of the structure and her own grief.

Come see her exhibition, Vanishing Scale, at Marketview Arts before it ends on August 18. The gallery will be open this evening for August’s First Friday from 5-9pm.

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