2020 Annual Juried Student Exhibition

This annual exhibition features works of art and design identified by guest jurors as the strongest work entered by students in our Fine Art and Graphic Design classes. Our original jurors were Briar Levit (Graphic Design) from Oregon and Deborah Dancy (Fine Art) from Connecticut, but we had to cancel their visits due to COVID-19. Luckily, we were able to hire two excellent local jurors, Jeremy Friend (Graphic Design) and Susan Scofield (Fine Art.) Since the York College campus remained closed for the duration of the exhibition, we moved it to Instagram. Below you will find a list of accepted entries with titles that are hyperlinked to their corresponding Instagram post. We hope you enjoy this online exhibition.

Fine Art Winners & Honorable Mentions

Fine Art Full List of Selections 

Rachel Barlow: Mushroom
Keely Bluett: Cassie
Rebecca Carter: Serenity
Rebecca Carter: Ethereal
Rebecca Carter: Altruistic
Rebecca Carter: Desperation
Sydney Cashwell: Van Gogh Still Life
Jeannine Dabb: Persuasion I
Jeannine Dabb: Separation
Jeannine Dabb: Fed Hill by Moonlight #2
Austin Golt: Words Speak Louder
Alex Grahe: Corrugated Gold
Stevie King: Transfiguration
Jack Korver: Portrait of a Woman
Jack Korver: Filtering
Ryan Lewis: Escape Love
Ryan Lewis: Bonnie & Clyde

Molly Loy: Still Life Tea Pot & Fruit
Kaitlynn Miller: Marine Pollution
Kaitlynn Miller: Water Pollution
Kaitlynn Miller: Wonderer
Allison Moats: Contour
Liora Moshman: Landscape of the Israeli-Jordanian Border
Liora Moshman: Infected Cash Cow
James O’Shea: Church view
James O’Shea: Duty Bound
Hannah Potts: What My People Did to the Promised Land
Jake Rafferty: Navigator
Nicole Sarge: Impact
Brianna Simms: Expression
Brianna Simms: Sunflower
Lily Streaker: Nostalgia
Talia Wilcox: Same Sex Marriage

Fine Art Juror: Susan Scofield 

Susan Scofield is the owner and curator of HIVE artspace Gallery in York, PA, and former Director of Exhibitions at Creative York – which won two “Best Gallery in York County” awards during her tenure. She studied Visual Arts at the University of California San Diego, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography. Versed in many mediums, Susan’s work explores themes of details overlooked, things blatantly present but often unseen, as well as visiting the realms of natural history and biology.

Susan is a former winner of YorkFest’s “Award of Distinction,” The York Art Association’s “Award Of Merit” in the 45th Annual Juried Exhibition, has appeared multiple times as a Featured Artist at the Anthocon Speculative Fiction Convention in New Hampshire, and returned in 2015 as their Artist Guest of Honor and curator of the Anthocon Art Exhibition. More recently she was the Prize Juror of the Carlisle Arts Learning Center’s 2020 Member’s Exhibit in Carlisle, PA. As an artist, Susan has exhibited at Creative York (formerly YorkArts), The Parliament, CityArt Gallery, York College Galleries at Marketview Arts, The York Art Association, The Yorktowne Hotel (all in York, PA), The Mütter Museum (Philadelphia, PA), David Zapf Gallery (San Diego, CA), and SevVen Gallery (Huntington Beach, CA). 

Graphic Design Winners & Honorable Mentions

Graphic Design Full List of Selections 

Elaina Baughman: Seagulls
Elaina Baughman: SEE
Elaina Baughman: TimeStamp
Jena Bixler: Type Geek
Jena Bixler: Letterpress Mashup
Jena Bixler: Color My World
Jena Bixler: “The Office” quotes coasters
Minerva Carchi-Nieves: Chicano
Minerva Carchi-Nieves: Self Portrait
Minerva Carchi-Nieves: Untitled (Alcohol Awareness poster)
Rebecca Carter: Son of Sneldon
Rebecca Carter: Homemade
Rebecca Carter: Accepting
Sydney Cashwell: 298 W Jackson St
Sydney Cashwell: Hatred Bounces
Mia Cundro: The Beatles
Jeannine Dabb: Fed Hill by Moonlight #1 and 3
Britney Dix: Three Little Birds
Britney Dix: Winding Roads
Britney Dix: Water & Fire
Britney Dix: Off the Market
Mitchell Duvall: Roadlines
Madison Gillespie: Doors (Series of Three)
Madison Gillespie: Children
Austin Golt: Violence Against War
Austin Golt: Radical
Colin Goode: Old Clock London
Kevin Huber: Bucket
Kevin Huber: Self Portrait
Austin Jarrett: Catching Feelings
Rebecca Keifer: Nuthatch, Secretary Bird, Swallow, Finch
Stevie King: Confidence Poster
Stevie King: Tea Time
Jacob Kummer: Umstellen
Ellen Korver: Frog T.V.
Ellen Korver: Positive Mental Attitude
Ellen Korver: Schwester
Ellen Korver: Petite Theodore: Colored Icon Series
Jack Korver: die Mauer 
Thomas Laskiewicz: Pop Shadow
Iris Leedy: Chill Out
Iris Leedy: Emotional Baggage
Chantrea Lilly: Tips to Build Confidence
Molly Loy: Utopian Image
Molly Loy: Dreams
Lillia McGhee: Hunger Games
Lillia McGhee: (De) Monetize
Liora Moshman: The Truth About Recycling

Shayla Oerman: X Collage
Shayla Oerman: Hell is Empty
Shayla Oerman: Collaged Landscape
Shayla Oerman: Comic Book Coasters
James O’Shea: Free Man
James O’Shea: Untouchables
James O’Shea: Untitled
Tiara Perez: Wake From Death & Return to Life
Tiara Perez: &T Chain
Cailin Peters: Inktober 2019
Hannah Potts: Savior of the Crown of Thorns
Hannah Potts: Bruadarach
Hannah Potts: The Red Press
Hannah Potts: I Thrive postcard
Hannah Potts: Finding Happiness
Hannah Potts: The Adventures of Dolle
Jake Rafferty: Imagination
Jake Rafferty: 5 Things Confident People Never Do
Jake Rafferty: Franklin’s Aromatic Wind Tonic
Jake Rafferty: Rules By Which A Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One
Julia Richter: 5 Things
Julia Richter: Laughter
Julia Richter: Hatred
Julia Richter: Meade’s Headquarters
Julia Richter: Lee’s Headquarters
Julia Richter: Light & Lace
Genevieve Ryder: Let Me Speak on My Mental Health
Genevieve Ryder: The Birds and The Bee
Genevieve Ryder: To Be Beautiful
Nicole Sarge: The Mash-Up
Nicole Sarge: The Published Journal Entries
Nicole Sarge: Bullsh*t postcard
Kayleigh Schrader: Clockwork S
Kayleigh Schrader: Throttle
Kayleigh Schrader: Punny Coaster
Rayne Sheffer: Confident Article
Rayne Sheffer: Abstract Type Love
Payson Silvio: Songbird
Natalie Spingler: Artists
Natalie Spingler: The Wiki Alphabet
Jordan Tharpe: Scroll of Positivity
Rebecca Waugerman: Table for One
Catherine Weaver: Flowers
Catherine Weaver: Tied Up
J’von Weems: Everything Doubles as a Smoke Shop
J’von Weems: Everything Doubles as a Smoke Shop (Ultra Black Edition)
Talia Wilcox: Type Cakes
Talia Wilcox: Sundays on T.V.

Graphic Design Juror: Jeremy Friend

Jeremy Friend is a freelance graphic designer and design educator who hails from the Pennsylvania Dutch area of Lebanon, PA. He has taught hand-lettering at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and has also taught design at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (PCAD) and Towson University. His design practice includes branding/identity, logo development, typography, hand-lettering, and editorial design. Among his recent clients are YouTube, Coach, Entertainment Weekly, JORD, and the Urban Land Institute.

Jeremy is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design  from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD) in Minneapolis, MN. His studio is located between Baltimore, MD and York, PA. To learn more about Jeremy and view his work, visit his website: jeremyfriend.com