Britney Dix

Artist Statement

My senior project, .Raw, is a guide for amatuer photographers to understand the need for professional photographers who own their craft. Our phones have made photography easily available to the masses which is good, but the idea that everyone can take good photographs diminishes the concept of the professional photographer. My project focuses on broadening my technical skill as an amatuer photographer in different disciplines of professional photography.The title of my body of work reflects my intent to show my subjects as raw and true to how they perceive themselves. .Raw is not only the file type commonly used when shooting manual photographs but also how I wanted to capture my subjects. When I am editing I will not crop the image down unless it was a small hairline. All cropping should be done when shooting and not during editing. Most well-known photographers can be identified by their framing or perspectives used. When you crop after it can lead to inconsistencies and low quality imagery.The background should not carry more weight than the subject. They should complement each other. After accumulating a large body of work it was time to be selective in choosing the final set.  I looked for similarities and differences such as color or perspective when grouping them together. The typography on the cover is supposed to be minimally invasive to the imagery. I found that this intrigue with the overlay only occurred in some areas and was a necessity in tying the designs together.

About the Artist

Britney Dix is originally from Iowa and specializes in graphic design and printmaking. Something that is recurrent in her work is the attention to detail, such as equal and balanced spacing. Britney enjoys making rules and decisions for creating the framework of books because she tends to be a little extra. Over the last two years, five of her works have been selected by jurors for the Annual Juried Student Exhibition in various mediums, such as, charcoal, digital illustration, linoleum cuts, poetry and reductive prints. Britney likes to combine various hands-on skills with digital outputs to enhance how her work is perceived. Over the past few years She has worked in a wide range of different environments expanding knowledge in graphic design and sales from in-house designer to door-to-door salesmen and a variety of freelance jobs. Britney has curated a 10,000 word poetry book with printmaking called Scavenged Thoughts & Timeless Moments along with other various publications and photobooks. She is looking forward to continuing to grow her love for printmaking and photography after graduating.