Cali Hager

Artist Statement

My senior project is a cohesive series of five book covers focused on interior design. Since my adolescent years I have had a passion for interior design. With my parents owning a remodeling company I was surrounded by the field my entire life. I figured with this project I could incorporate two of my passions, interior design and graphic design. 

To begin my design process, I started researching the different interior design styles (which is a few hundred) and found myself drawn towards five in particular; Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Mid-Century Modern, and Southern Manor. I researched the style patterns, colors, and how long the styles had been around. I decided to focus on the particular pattern styles of each and how they are designed. At first I wanted to design my covers using watercolor but after trying that I wasn’t pleased with how it looked. So back to the drawing boards I went, deciding to use my watercolor designs as inspiration for digital versions. This process tightened up and flattened the imagery, giving it a more graphic presence. After a few revisions, I arrived at the digital versions that became the dominant element in my finished design. The typography treatment is subtle but complicated; the typographic qualities of the typeface chosen for each corresponding design style needed to communicate the essence of that style. The harmony between the typography and illustration on each cover gives viewers a taste of what to expect inside. Sometimes you actually can judge a book by its cover.

About the Artist

Cali Hager is a graduating senior at York College of Pennsylvania, majoring in graphic design. Her design style is influenced by her interest in architecture, interior design, and typography. Her senior studio assignment was to design a cohesive series of five book covers on a topic that she was passionate about. She chose interior design as the subject of her book series, emphasizing five styles: Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Mid-Century Modern, and Southern Manor. She researched these periods and focused on their individual patterns, fabrics, colors, and use of design principles.

Cali grew up in York working for her family remodeling business where she first discovered her love of design. Her work was selected for the Typorama 9.0 and Spring 2018 Juried Student Exhibition at YCP and she is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. She interned at York Wallcoverings, assisting with daily design work and creating boards for corporate clients. She is also an avid skier and runner.