GD – Baleigh Bradley

Baleigh Bradley

Artist Statement

My senior project is a rebranding of Mexitaly, a restaurant and brewery in York, PA. Mexitaly serves Italian and Mexican cuisine along with a range of different beers. The first time I ever went to this restaurant I fell in love with the ambiance. It appealed to me because of my bilingual educational background. Beginning in first grade my education consisted of a Spanish Immersion program in which every class all day every day was in Spanish. Although the atmosphere made me feel right at home, the branding of the restaurant was off-putting. The outdated logo and menu was inconsistent with the modern aesthetic of the interior. Also, there was no branding for the various beers in the microbrewery.

 The old branding for Mexitaly was predictable and generic. As the restaurant is one of a kind and not a chain, the branding needed to also be unique. Hand lettering is always unique and can’t be duplicated over and over like typography. To make the new branding for Mexitaly seem individualized, I used hand lettering throughout. For the main logo I illustrated sans-serif block-like letters with a small shadow to emphasize each letterform. I used the same lettering for the subtitle in the logo as the headings on the menu which adds consistency. Throughout the logo and the menu I chose to keep the existing color scheme, red and green, as it reflects the colors of the Mexican and Italian flags. Each beer logo is also lettered, but in contrast I used a bulbous, funky style. These logos are consistent because each form a circle. The consistent style I created for Mexitaly better suits its modern feel.

About the Designer

Greetings! My name is Baleigh Bradley and I am a Graphic Design major at York College of Pennsylvania. I have a passion for all things Graphic Design, from hand lettering to grid systems. Aside from the arts I also play lacrosse here at college. Managing my courses and being a varsity athlete has taught me how to balance a challenging schedule.

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