GD – Kirstyn Swancer

Kirstyn Swancer

Artist Statement

This project serves as the first phase of a rebranding of Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, which is located in Central Pennsylvania and it is a smaller scaled, family oriented wildlife park. I decided that their logo, pamphlet and website would be crucial in a redesign to help create a cohesive system for their marketing platforms, since this is what many people see first and initiates their visit. Lake Tobias’s current forms of media are not up to date stylistically, nore are they accessible across all platforms for users. In order to attract more traffic I updated the logo to make it more aesthetically pleasing and versatile for marketing. Their current logo is written with rough type and the letterforms are “fighting” for visual space. I wanted to keep their essence in the new logo by keeping the rough letterforms and sans serif font, while refining the spacing and readability of the logo. I also changed the color of the logo from light green to a deep red and forest green because it gives it a greater visibility across platforms. I redesigned the website by creating a new branding color palette and layout for greater visual accessibility while adhering to their existing neutral color scheme that is often associated with wildlife. I also made the website responsive, so it can be viewed with ease across multiple platforms. I wanted to ensure that the color usage and type size met criteria for web accessibility guidelines. The pamphlet ties into the same color scheme as the website to continue the system. I designed it with the purpose being, easy to read and navigate to gain information easily while visiting the park.

(click to visit) – Lake Tobias Wildlife Park Website

About the Designer

Kirstyn Swancer is a Graphic Designer from Dover, Pennsylvania who studied at York College of Pennsylvania. She also has a minor in Fine Art, with a focus on hand making processes. She has had her work shown in the Cora Miller and Brossman galleries in Evelyn and Earl Wolf Hall, York, Pa and in Marketview Arts gallery in downtown York, Pa. She defines herself as a detail oriented designer that can work well individually or collaboratively.

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