GD – Kyle Leonard

Kyle Leonard

Artist Statement

As a designer I am always looking at art, critiquing art without even realizing it as well as designing my own. For our senior project we were introduced to “rebrand” the company of our choice. I thought, “What could be better?” Always looking at design in my everyday life, sometimes good and sometimes bad, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me. For this project I decided to rebrand Cornerstone Barbershop. This is a York city local barbershop that opened in the summer of 2019 and they did not have much of an identity so I thought this project could be a great opportunity to help them out with that.  For this I designed a logo, storefront presentation, 3 different dye cut stickers, business cards, frequent visitor cards, shampoo, pomade and beard oil packaging, as well as a t-shirt design. The concept was to bring them an identity that did a good job representing who they are. Their original logo consisted of cornerstone written out with a razor illustrated below it. The logo was fine, but I felt this store needed more of a working identity. I wanted to capture the clean cut, vintage style the barbers brought into the shop. All that they had before this project was a logo, storefront and some stickers. So, with everything I added to their identity I feel as if I have created more of a value to their brand. Everything a barbershop needs to have a successful identity is included in this project. Being able to put my own twist on a company’s identity has been a great opportunity for me and I am happy where the project ended up. 

About the Designer

Kyle Leonard is a graphic designer based out of Baltimore, Maryland who enjoys vector work as well as logo design. He has been practicing graphic design since he was 14 years old and has progressed tremendously over the years. Recently his focus has been logo and packaging design while still experimenting in other fields such as vector artwork, photography and video production.  Thank you for viewing my work and I hope you enjoy it. 

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