List of Selections by Graphic Design Juror Jeremy Friend for the 2020 Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Below is a list of works selected by Graphic Design Juror Jeremy Friend:

Lillia McGhee: Hunger Games

Ellen Korver: Positive Mental Attitude

Cailin Peters: Inktober 2019

Thomas Laskiewicz: Pop Shadow

Kevin Huber: Bucket

Mitchell Duvall: Roadlines

Colin Goode: Old Clock London

Minerva Carchi-Nieves: Chicano

Ellen Korver: Schwester

Jacob Klummer: Umstellen

Britney Dix: Three Little Birds

Britney Dix: Winding Roads

Jordan Thorpe: Scroll of Positivity

Austin Jarrett: Catching Feelings

Lillia McGhee: (De) Monetize

Genevieve Ryder: Let Me Speak on My Mental Health

Genevieve Ryder: The Birds and The Bee

James O’Shea: Free Man

James O’Shea: Untouchables

James O’Shea: Untitled

Rebecca Waugerman: Table for One

Julia Richter: 5 Things

Jake Rafferty: Imagination

Kevin Huber: Self Portrait

Liora Moshman: The Truth About Recycling

Sydney Cashwell: 298 W Jackson St

Sydney Cashwell: Hatred Bounces

Shayla Oerman: Hell is Empty

Shayla Oerman: Collaged Landscape

Stevie King: Confidence Poster

Natalie Spingler: Artists

Austin Golt: Violence Against War

Julia Richter: Laughter

Julia Richter: Hatred

Julia Richter: Meade’s Headquarters

Julia Richter: Lee’s Headquarters

Julia Richter: Light & Lace

Rebecca Keifer: Nuthatch

Rebecca Keifer: Secretary Bird

Rebecca Keifer: Swallow

Rebecca Keifer: Finch

Shayla Oerman: X Collage

Madison Gillespie: Doors (Series of Three)

Jake Rafferty: 5 Things Confident People Never Do

Jeannine Dabb: Fed Hill by Moonlight #1 and 3

Jena Bixler: Type Geek

Iris Leedy: Chill Out

Stevie King: Tea Time

Nicole Sarge: The Mash-Up

Tiara Perez: Wake From Death & Return to Life

Austin Golt: Radical

Kayleigh Schrader: Clockwork S

Kayleigh Schrader: Throttle

Tiara Perez: &T Chain

Payson Silvio: Songbird

Rebecca Carter: Son of Sneldon

Minerva Carchi-Nieves: Self Portrait

Mia Cundro: The Beatles

Rebecca Carter: Homemade

Rebecca Carter: Accepting

Ellen Korver: Petite Theodore: Colored Icon Series

Catherine Weaver: Tied Up

Rayne Sheffer: Confident Article

Chantrea Lilly: Tips to Build Confidence

Madison Gillespie: Children

Elaina Baughman: Seagulls
Elaina Baughman: SEE
Elaina Baughman: TimeStamp

Jake Rafferty: Franklin’s Aromatic Wind Tonic

Minerva Carchi-Nieves: Untitled (Alcohol Awareness poster)

Jena Bixler: Letterpress Mashup

Catherine Weaver: Flowers

Jena Bixler: Color My World

Jena Bixler: “The Office” quotes coasters

Kayleigh Schrader: Punny Coaster

Jake Rafferty: Rules By Which A Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One

Talia Wilcox: Type Cakes

Nicole Sarge: The Published Journal Entries

Hannah Potts: Savior of the Crown of Thorns

Hannah Potts: Bruadarach

Talia Wilcox: Sundays on T.V.

Britney Dix: Water & Fire

Shayla Oerman: Comic Book Coasters

J’von Weems: Everything Doubles as a Smoke Shop

J’von Weems: Everything Doubles as a Smoke Shop (Ultra Black Edition)

Molly Loy: Utopian Image

Hannah Potts: The Red Press

Nicole Sarge: Bullsh*t postcard

Natalie Spingler: The Wiki Alphabet

Genevieve Ryder: To Be Beautiful

Hannah Potts: I Thrive postcard

Hannah Potts: Finding Happiness
Hannah Potts: The Adventures of Dolle

Molly Loy: Dreams

Rayne Sheffer: Abstract Type Love

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