Announcement of Fine Art Selections by Juror Susan Scofield

The following works have been selected by juror Susan Scofield for the 2020 Juried Student Exhibition at York College:

Jeannine Dabb: Separation

Jeannine Dabb: Fed Hill by Moonlight #2

Talia Wilcox: Same Sex Marriage

Ryan Lewis: Escape Love

Ryan Lewis: Bonnie & Clyde

Austin Golt: Words Speak Louder

Keely Bluett: Cassie

Jeannine Dabb: Persuasion I

Allison Moats: Contour

Lily Streaker: Nostalgia

Kaitlynn Miller: Marine Pollution

Kaitlynn Miller: Water Pollution

Hannah Potts: What My People Did to the Promised Land

Liora Moshman: Infected Cash Cow

Rachel Barlow: Mushroom

Brianna Simms: Expression

Brianna Simms: Sunflower

James O’Shea: Duty Bound

Kaitlynn Miller: Wonderer

Rebecca Carter: Serenity

Rebecca Carter: Ethereal

Rebecca Carter: Altruistic

Jake Rafferty: Navigator

Nicole Sarge: Impact

Alex Grahe: Corrugated Gold

Stevie King: Transfiguration

Rebecca Carter: Desperation

Liora Moshman: Landscape of the Israeli-Jordanian Border

Molly Loy: Still Life Tea Pot & Fruit

Sydney Cashwell: Van Gogh Still Life

James O’Shea: Church view

Jack Korver: Portrait of a Woman

Jack Korver: Filtering


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