Alexis Seaver

Artist Statement

This project is a set of five book cover designs for a graphic novel series based on the theme of folklore. I chose the topic of folklore because of my interest in anthropology and the study of different cultures. Folklore engages us in learning about other cultures through storytelling. Creative Rose Publication is a fake publication company I created to make my graphic novel series more realistic. With the use of digital illustrations, I am able to share these stories visually in a pleasing and intriguing manner. The typography plays an important role as well, I applied the font Local Brewery and a texture overtop to be consistent with the illustrations. The color palette consists of limited color choices to keep the overall design cohesive. This series will not only engage readers through the overall design but also educate them with newfound stories.

About the Artist

Alexis Seaver is a current graphic design student based in eastern Maryland. She will be graduating from York College of Pennsylvania in the spring of 2021 with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Film Studies. Her work was recently featured in the 2021 Annual Juried Student Exhibition in Wolf Hall at York College of Pennsylvania. Her style is influenced by her interest in different types of illustration techniques and exploring new ways to use color within her work while also being interested in packing design. Along with her love for illustration, she completed an independent study in motion graphics to bring her work to life and add more content to her final project. She aspires to be working with a company that either focuses on illustration or is involved in packing design.