Chantelle Thornsberry

Artist Statement

I conceived of “Ocean Publication” as the company for which I designed a website and series of five oceanography textbooks; The 5 Oceans, 7 Wonders of the Ocean, Dangers of the Ocean, Climate Change and Pollution, and Economic Impacts of the Ocean. The goal in creating this series was to bring awareness to the importance of the ocean and why we must preserve it, and also provide a resource for people to use that explains why it is important to keep our oceans clean and how our poor choices are negatively affecting the ocean. To identify these books as belonging to a series, I designed a logo for the company that appears on each cover. The logo’s shape is a circle to represent the oceans of the earth and the smaller circles inside the larger circle represent sea foam. The design of the covers is also shape-driven to distinguish it from commonplace photo-driven solutions. The simple, geometric designs symbolize the content found within the book and are complemented by Playfair which was chosen for its simplicity and readability. The title Oceanography appears on each book, identifying it as a series and the subtitles appear directly below the title. The design of the website matches the simplicity of the book covers with the landing page showing an easily navigable menu above clickable representations of each cover. The target audience includes anyone from a high school or college student to a person who just loves to learn about oceanography and the books are available on the website in text book form as well as audio, and eBooks.

About the Artist

Major: Graphic Designer and Minor: Photography

In my free time I enjoy doing lettering and taking photos. I took a class this semester in film photography and really enjoyed the process of developing the photos. I would like to continue to develop my skills in film photography. For my lettering career, I like to letter on all different kinds of objects and surfaces.  I did an Independent Study on lettering and got to letter a water bottle, shoes, bags, and a skateboard.  My long term goal is to one day work at Vogue and be the Creative Director. I would love to be able to take photos of models and created a magazine layout.  I want to design a logo that will be recognizable worldwide such as the Nike logo.