Hannah Potts

Artist Statement

Mistaken Beliefs: 5 Misconceptions of the Church is a series of book covers inspired by a desire for understanding, kindness, and tolerance. Influenced by famous works of the Church, such as stained glass, gothic architecture, and illuminated manuscripts, each cover has its roots in history with a modern design twist. The purpose of this series is to challenge the viewer’s original views of Christianity, both from a design standpoint as well as from a social viewpoint. Whether one is familiar with the depth of the Christian faith, or has only come into brief contact with it, this project encourages readers to learn about differences between self-identifying Christians. The project was influenced by the experience of being judged and having one’s authenticity questioned based on preconceived notions of what stereotypical Christians believe and how they behave. This series, motivated by the questions of non-believers, is a series for anyone even minutely interested in the expansiveness of the Christian faith and how best to interact with and understand it. Acknowledging that not everyone who claims to be a Christian succeeds in Christian kindness, this series challenges readers to think deeper, speak kinder, and withhold judgement in favor of cultivating relationships.

About the Artist

Hannah Potts is a designer with a passion for lettering, art history, and people. She is a tutor for two Art History classes here on campus, and a President of two clubs. Through her extracurriculars and classes Hannah has been able to learn and grow in her relationship with her peers and in her skill as a designer. She completed an Internship as the Music Departments Graphic Designer and branded their show The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in the Fall of 2019. Her work has also been featured in the Annual Juried Student Exhibitions in 2018 and 2019, and in 2020, her book Finding Happiness placed Third for the Graphic Design category. She hopes to continue to pursue her passion for type in her future job, wherever that may be.