Iris Leedy

Artist Statement

“A Year In…” is a travel focused series that follows a girl from a small town going outside her comfort zone to meet new people. On this project, I wanted to step further out of my comfort zone and use illustration in Procreate to give the scenes a whimsical feel and the typography is reminiscent of the old-style tourist postcards that were popular in the 40s & 50s. Color choices were made based on the countries culture and locations were chosen to be tied into the storyline, whether typical tourist spots or hideaways not normally known. The titles “A Year In Tokyo”, “A Year In Cape Town”, “A Year In Rome”, “A Year In Barcelona”, “A Year In Athens” are locations that I wish to visit once the pandemic is over, as a self-aware American I want to be able to experience different cultures and meet new people.  Even with a pandemic going I’m still looking for other ways to communicate and also learn new languages as well.

About the Artist

Iris Leedy was born in Westminster, Maryland in 1992 and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She received her BFA from York College of Pennsylvania in 2021. Her degree is in Graphic Design with a focus on Front End Web Development, she has a passion for user interface and web accessibility for all. Her free time is spent carving linoleum prints for her Etsy shop, Full Moon Prints. Iris has had the pleasure of showing in the York College Gallery and Van Der Art Plas Gallery in SoHo, NY.