Jena Bixler

Artist Statement

Exploitanimals is a book series exploring how animals are exploited for human greed, entertainment, beauty, and fashion. The covers follow a similar pattern of vector shapes, flat planes of color, and bold typography. By using simple shapes and attention-grabbing color, audiences are easily drawn in. Instead of using photography, which may turn a potential audience away, the shapes symbolize the bare bones of the issues at hand, allowing the arrangement, color, and typography to speak for itself. What led me to this topic was a series of conversations I had with my boyfriend’s dad and stepmom regarding their greyhound, Sapphire, that is a retired racing greyhound rescued from a track in Florida. Throughout her racing career, Sapphire rarely won any of her races. When greyhounds aren’t competitive at their racetracks or don’t bring in any money, they are subjected to being put down or used solely for breeding. These conversations about Sapphire and her story led me to further look into other ways animals are exploited—leading to the name and creation of Exploitanimals. Animals all over the globe suffer in subpar conditions in order to satisfy our nasty habits. This series gives an inside look into the world of puppy mills, orca whales in captivity, greyhound racing, animal testing, and non-edible animal products such as fur, wool, and exotic skins. Although these books highlight just a select few of the animal welfare issues we are battling in our world today, they are not the only ones. It is important to discuss tough problems together to move forward as a human race, where we stop being so selfish and prioritize life other than our own.

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About the Artist

Jena Bixler is a senior at York College of Pennsylvania graduating in May 2021 with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. In her time at York College, her work has been featured in three Juried Student Exhibitions, with a typography piece placing first in the Graphic Design category in 2020. She enjoys all things typography and color, and is interested in layout design and publications. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and pets, shopping, and going to concerts. After graduation, she intends to stay in the York, PA area to work in the design field and stay close to her family.