Molly Loy

Artist Statement

“Their Footprints.” is a book series paying tribute to five women and their impact on American history.  

The project challenged me to research women of history and construct something creative. I think a lot of courageous women have done amazing things for America and each day historians are discovering something new. The lack of female figures being taught in schools and other educational areas deeply concerns me. I think we need to have history classes talk more about women’s accomplishments and overcoming challenges they may have faced. 

The women I have picked are from different periods, racially diverse, and with various accomplishments. I felt it was essential to be inclusive of showing any woman in our country can change history. I used my painting skills to apply a different medium than just digital design. Each book was specifically given a soft cloudy background cover and bold dominant silhouettes to underline their mark on history.

About the Artist

Molly Loy is a graduating senior at York College of Pennsylvania. She is earning her BFA in Graphic Design and Minoring in Fine Art. Molly is from Taneytown Maryland, just twenty minutes from Gettysburg, PA. Her senior project was to design a cohesive series of five book covers on a topic she was interested in. She decided to focus on the subject of Women’s History by picking five women who’ve accomplished great things in America but have not received enough recognition. Molly has had some fantastic experiences here at York College. Her artwork was selected in annual student juried shows three years in a row! She works as a gallery monitor here at the York College Art Gallery. She also did a remote internship with ONE hospitality back in summer 2020, creating social media banners and vinyl signs. Molly is very passionate about logo designing and branding identities. She also loves to design posters and booklets. She is happy with the major she has pursued and wishes her classmates the best in the future and their careers.

Additional Information

Alice Paul

Alice Paul was one of the vocal leaders of the women’s suffrage movement. Her parents believed in gender equality and education. Alice Paul was an advocate of the 19th amendment for the US constitution. Women were granted the right to vote, and she authored the amendment of the Equal right in 1923. 

Mae C. Jemison

Mae C. Jemison flew to space on the Endeavor. Besides the space business, she participated in the funding of health care in Africa. She spent 190 hours in space researching before returning home on September. She noted that women and minorities could contribute to society if given the opportunity.

Patsy Mink

Patsy Mink was the first woman of color elected to Congress. She is one of the most influential public servants of her generation. Mink championed the rights of immigrants, minorities, women, and children. She became the first woman from Hawaii to receive a JD degree from the University of Chicago Law School. 

Clara Barton

Barton risked her life to bring supplies and medical support to soldiers on the battlefield during the Civil War. Soldiers gave her the name “Angel of the Battlefield.” she found her passion in nursing. She traveled to Europe after the war and found an organization known as The Red cross. In 1882, the US joined the International Red Cross. 

Nancy Ward

Ward was a leading figure of her Cherokee. She fought battles with her husband, and after his death, she rose to be the chief leader of her tribe after contributing to a victorious battle. She took charged and lead her tribe to victory. Nanye-hi headed the Women’s Council. She made peace with her people and Europeans.