Talia Wilcox

Artist Statement

Preserve For A Better Future is a series of five books promoting wildlife conservation and habitat preservation by educating audiences about the plight of five specific biomes: the Tropical Rainforests, The Arctic & Antarctic, the Oceans, the Savannah, and the Deserts around the world. The five biomes, defined as distinct biological communities that have formed in response to a shared physical climate, are each home to endangered species, both plants and animals. To highlight this concern, the series includes five bookmarks, one for each biome, featuring an endangered animal with demographic information. One difficult design decision was whether to make the covers full color or black and white. The latter was chosen since the cover illustrations are line art based. The book covers began as thumbnail sketches that were then finalized, scanned and refined digitally using a Wacom tablet and the program Krita, which offered a range of brushes, stamps, and pencils of different weights and textures. Three typefaces were used: Constantia, Lucida Fax, and BalboaPlus Fill. A soft white outer glow was added around the type to make it stand out and to make it more interactive with the covers, I erased some of the outer glow from plants and animals in Photoshop. The bookmarks were also made with Krita and Adobe Illustrator, but this time in color with palettes matching the colors of the particular animal’s biome. The website structure is vertical with tabs located towards the top near the masthead, an animated illustration of simple biome backgrounds in color that fade into one another while going across the screen to draw the audience in and inspire concern for the animals and plants going extinct due to human activity. Heavy construction, poaching, and global warming are some of the prime reasons why our ecosystem is unbalanced and will continue to become unsustainable for all kinds of life. This series urges audiences to be more aware of what is happening around us and find ways to support wildlife conservation and habitat preservation efforts that ultimately benefit all life.

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About the Artist

Talia Wilcox is a graduating senior at York College of Pennsylvania, majoring in Graphic Design. She comes from the town of Barto in Pennsylvania. Her love and admiration for design was first discovered when she began to draw cartoon characters and wanted to develop her skills further and learn new skills. One of the few things that are recurrent in her work is her illustration and her selective choice for color. For her 4 years attending York College, her work has been accepted in the Annual Juried Exhibition and the Typorama 9.0 exhibition. For her senior project, Talia decided to focus on the topic of wildlife conservation and habitat preservation because of her concern for the future of the world. In addition, she also wanted to expand her skill and knowledge in Illustration, so she used a new program that was able to create illustrative book covers, bookmarks, and a website.