The Jurors have returned a verdict

This year’s jurors , Susanne Slavick and Becky Slogeris, have made their selections for our Annual Juried Student Exhibition. Below are the lists of works selected separated into categories based on whether the artist has chosen to exhibit the work physically and virtually or just virtually. Congratulations, students! Please join us for the Virtual Reception and Announcement of Awards on Tuesday, March 30 at 5:00PM to find out who our prize winners are.

Graphic Design Selections
Juror: Becky Slogeris

Gallery Exhibition (and Online):

Delaney Bartholow: Ambiguous
Elaina Baughman: The Shape of Trees
Elaina Baughman: Ernst Haeckel
Elaina Baughman: Travel
Jena Bixler: Masaru Branding
Morgan Carter: To Be Thin
Sydney Cashwell: In Focus
Austin Golt: Reflect
Alex Grahe: Industry
Gabrielle Haring: Roy B. D. Ginto
Ellen Korver: MORST
Liora Moshman: A Brief Compendium of Life
Liora Moshman: Change Now
Shayla Oerman: Is the Oven On?
Shayla Oerman: Sprout Express Identity
Jake Rafferty: Transition Metals
Jake Rafferty: Planet Rock
Nicole Sarge: Exploring Concepts in Society
Nicole Sarge: 8 Good Things

Online Exhibition Only:
Sydney Cashwell: Illustrated Appetizers
Mia Cundro: COVID Immunity
Mia Cundro: Ten Fingers
Gabrielle Haring: Dear Design Student Booklet
Aleksey Hildebrand: 2020 Vote Poster
Molly Loy: Bathic
Lillia McGhee: Aristotle
Kristin Peaks: Chatoyant
Cailin Peters: Pandemic Feelings
Genevieve Ryder: Strawberry Soup
Genevieve Ryder: Sage
Alexis Seaver: Candle Packaging
Alexis Seaver: Valentine’s Day
Rayne Sheffer: My Habit Experiment
Payson Silvio: Salty
Zoe Smith: Green Leaf Kaleidoscope

Fine Art Selections

Juror: Susanne Slavick

Gallery Exhibition (and Online):

Elaina Baughman: Paperclips
Marissa Bonett: Hospital Bed
Marissa Bonett: Mano
Marissa Bonett: Self Portrait
Rebecca Carter: Only Grasping
Austin Golt: A Vague Morning
Alex Grahe: Hip Bone Connects to the Leg Bone
Alex Grahe: Microbe
Alex Grahe: Rings
Alex Grahe: Toxicity
Jack Korver: Facing the Unknown
Jack Korver: Olympic Stadium, Munich
Kaitlynn Miller: Wild Flower
Kaitlynn Miller: Wild Thing
Allison Moats: Cat
Liora Moshman: Nature’s Dream (Clouds)
Liora Moshman: Nature’s Dream (Grass)
James O’Shea: Golden Fields
James O’Shea: Self Portrait
James O’Shea: Through the Trees
James O’Shea: Warm Mountains
Shayla Oerman: Finally Quit
Shayla Oerman: True Heart
Nicole Sarge: Flatten the Curve
Payson Silvio: Holly Branches
Brianna Simms: Ahava
Brianna Simms: Bantu
Brianna Simms: Flowering Roots

Online Exhibition Only:
Bria Chakalakis: Celebration
Bria Chakalakis: Childhood Friend
Bria Chakalakis: Still Life of Skeleton
Gabrielle Haring: Abbott and Costello
Gabrielle Haring: Corporate
Gabrielle Haring: Costume Party
Jake Rafferty: The Repositorum
Paige Miller: Lament
Genevieve Ryder: Personification of a Star
Genevieve Ryder: Personification of Liquid
Payson Silvio: Painted Orange
Payson Silvio: Succulent

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