2022 Juried Student Exhibition Call for Entries

The Annual Juried Student Exhibition is open to York College students who are majoring in either Fine Art or Graphic Design, or are enrolled in an ART prefix class during the 2021/22 academic year. The submission and jurying process will be entirely online. Below is a list of important dates:

Submission Period: February 1 – 15
Jurying Period: February 16 – 19
Announcement of Selections (not awards): February 20
Delivery of Work: February 21-23
Installation of exhibition: February 24 – March 1
Virtual Reception/Announcement of Awards: March 3, 5:00PM
Awards: 1st Place ($300), 2nd Place ($200), 3rd Place ($100) in both Fine Art and Graphic Design

Exhibition Dates: March 3 – 26, 2022

Juror Lectures:
Mitch Goldstein (Graphic Design): Tuesday, March 1, 5:30PM, DeMeester Recital Hall (and Zoom)

Stuart Shils (Fine Art): Wednesday, March 2, 5:30PM, DeMeester Recital Hall (and Zoom)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is eligible to participate?
Art majors and students currently enrolled in ART classes

2. Can I submit something I made two years ago at another school?
No. All submissions need to have been made within the last year and not exhibited in the 2020 Annual Juried Student Exhibition

3. How many pieces may I submit?
8 total. A maximum of four in each category (graphic design and fine art.)

4. Which category category does this piece belong in?
Sometimes this is easy to answer and other times more difficult. That which is obviously graphic design (logo design, packaging design, letterform design, etc) should not be submitted under fine art and that which is obviously fine art (figure drawing, landscape painting, sculpture, etc) should not be submitted under graphic design, but often work occupies a space between and you just have to decide which seems right. Usually printmaking belongs to fine art but sometimes it belongs to graphic design based on its intent and aesthetic. Illustration and even photography can also sometimes go either way, depending on intent/function. If you’ve already maxed out your four submissions in one category then submit the piece in question under the other category.

5. Does the work have to be framed?
No, but you should want your work to look its best and sometimes that means it really ought to be framed. Still, better to not frame at all than to frame cheaply so don’t ugly up your work by cramming it into a cheap, plastic poster frame. Unframed works on paper can be hung using magnets, command strips, or even pushpins. If your work is meant to be displayed a specific way, please attach a note to it.

6. What about screen-based work?
Screen-based work can be shown in the gallery on a desktop Mac or flat screen.

7. Where can I find the submission forms?
Links to the Qualtrics submission forms will be shared via the Facebook event page in the coming weeks. Join the event to receive updates.

Do you have a question that didn’t get answered? Email MCR at mclayrob@ycp.edu.

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