Selections have been made!

Below is a list the list of works selected by both our Graphic Design Juror, Mitch Goldstein, and our Fine Art Juror, Stuart Shils:

2022 Annual Juried Student Exhibition Accepted Works

Pauline Archer: Fond of Flora

Pauline Archer: My Escape from Madness

Delaney Bartholow: Hinsdale

Elaina Baughman: Love Yourself

Elaina Baughman: What Do You See?

Elaina Baughman: Random

Alana Bortner: Valentine’s Card

Kera Bowie: Lone Boy

Minerva Carchi-Nieves: Wiki Reader

Gabriel Sanchez Carpio: Softest of Hearts

Gabriel Sanchez Carpio: Cute Little Creatures

Gabriel Sanchez Carpio: Idea of Me

Syndney Cashwell: Evil Book Covers

Syndney Cashwell: Experimental Illustration set

Clover: Two Women Getting Ready

Kimberly Conway: I’m Okay

Robert Coppersmith: Luscious

Robert Coppersmith: Under the Bleachers

Mia Cundro: Big Foap magazine ad

Mia Cundro: First Sip Kuerig Coffee

Jess Cusumano: Electric Love

Jess Cusumano: Fries Before Guys

Brittany Dao: Subtle

Madison Gillespia: Nice Turn Signal

Colin Goode: Desires

Colin Goode: In AM

Rhiannon Harbold: The Druid

Rhiannon Harbold: Norse Deities

Rhiannon Harbold: The Robin’s Requiem

Ashley Hardy: Depth

Ashley Hardy: Breathe

Ashley Hardy: POV

Gabrielle Haring: Bedside

Gabrielle Haring: Wise Words

Kevin Huber: &

Kevin Huber: Doc book

Kevin Huber: Experimental Typeface

Paige Johnson: Between the Trees

Alison Kaufman: Through the Doors

Cameryn Keller: Breakfast

Stevie King: Oh Snap bubble gum packaging

Ellen Korver: Of Man and Machine

Ellen Korver: Petite Theodore Fall Series

Matthew Kramer: Postcard – Colors and Sounds

Nia Lake: Bones

Colin McClenachan: Wrapped Troubles

Jolene Miller: 21st Century Vanitas

Allison Moats: Forklifts

Allison Moats: Tattooed

Ash Naylor: His Name is Spunky

Elizabeth Ovalles: Illusion

Elizabeth Ovalles: Movement

Dai Perry: Prism

Dai Perry: Driveway

Mya Porcello: Breeze

Emma Quigley: Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria

Emma Quigley: How Facebook Fails 90% of its users

Jake Rafferty: Goblin Instant Soup

Jake Rafferty: Nightmare Fuel

Eddie Ramirez: Joy in Flowers

Eddie Ramirez: Troubled Third

Grace Rehm: Winding Bells

Grace Rehm: The Karen Card

Grace Rehm: You’re Stinky

Vivianna Ryder: Little Pierrot

Nicole Sarge: Drippin’ Heat packaging and magazine ad

Nicole Sarge: Rock Paper Scissors book cover series

Nicole Sarge: Sweet Bean Joe K-cup packaging

Nicole Sarge: (Lime) Furnishings

Kaylee Scheidegg: Hills and Valleys

Kelsey Shaffer: Balancing Act

Kelsey Shaffer: VW Bug

Lindsey Simmons: Studio Brain

Brianna Simms: Sensory Overload

Brianna Simms: Op Eds

Erin Webb: Healthy Eats

Brieonna Williams: Concrete Dreams

Brieonna Williams: Emotional

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