Upcoming Exhibitions & Lectures

jerryg (cropped)

Jerry Gretzinger: Jerry’s Map
Exhibition: August 29 – October 12, 2019, Brossman Gallery
Lecture: August 29, 5:30 PM, DeMeester Recital Hall

In 1963 artist Jerry Gretzinger began drawing a map of an imaginary city. It now comprises over 3000 individual panels executed in a variety of media. A portion of the map will be displayed as an immersive, floor to ceiling wraparound experience in our octagonal Brossman Gallery.

To receive reminders and updates about Mr. Gretzinger’s public lecture, please visit our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/492468657988572/



Beneath the Surface: Prints by Kollwitz, Catlett, Coe, and Kurniasih
August 29 – November 23, 2019, Cora Miller Gallery

 This exhibition spans a century of international printmaking by four women; Kathe Kollwitz of Germany; Elizabeth Catlett, born in the United States and lived in Mexico; Sue Coe, born in England and lives in the United States; and Fitriani Dwi Kurniasih (Fitri DK) of Indonesia.


1. Joaquin(100dpi)Penitential Rite: Confession/Absolution
A performance by Joaquin Calles Guzman

September 6, 2019, 1st Floor, Marketview Arts

This performance explores silence/invisibility at a time of over-exposure and self-disclosure as a response and commentary on the Catholic Child Sex Abuse Scandal. As a means of processing the abuse within the Pennsylvania Diocese, the artist becomes vulnerable to revert the power of that which remains hidden.



1. Barberena_Santo Pollero (100dpi)Crossing Borders: Vecinos Unidos en la Nueva América
September 6 – October 19, 2019, Marketview Arts (all floors)

Co-curated by Rosa Luz Catterall and Joaquin Calles Guzman, this exhibition will be held during national Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15 – Oct 15) and explore the intersectionality, hybridity and multiplicity of the Latinx identity through a range of media from painting and sculpture to performance.


suecoe-croppedGraphic Witness, a lecture by artist Sue Coe
September 26, 5:30 PM, DeMeester Recital Hall

Sue Coe, whose woodcuts are on display in the Cora Miller Gallery, is an English artist living in New York whose paintings, prints and illustrated books challenge violent societal structures. Critic Donald Kuspit has called her “the greatest living practitioner of a confrontational, revolutionary art.”





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