Upcoming Exhibitions & Lectures

Graphic Design Senior Presentations & Opening Reception
Friday, April 13, 5:00 PM, DeMeester Recital Hall


FApostcardFine Art Senior Exhibition
April 27 – May 5, 2018
York College Galleries (on campus)
Presentations/Reception: Friday, April 27, 5:00 PM, DeMeester Recital Hall

The Fine Art Senior Exhibition features the work of fine art majors in their final semester at York College. The students present their senior bodies of work, demonstrating the artistic and conceptual growth they have achieved in our program before leaving to pursue careers in the arts. Award winners are selected by Division of Art faculty based on a variety of considerations including conceptual strength, skillful and inventive use of materials, thematic coherence, and the formal qualities of the work. This event begins with PechaKucha-style slide presentations in DeMeester Recital Hall followed by a reception in the York College Galleries.


May 4 – 25, 2018
Marketview Arts
Opening Reception: Friday, May 4, 5:00 PM

Generations is an exhibition in which regional artists of varying age are paired according to similarities in the conceptual and/or formal qualities of their work. Co-curated by YCP gallery director Matthew Clay-Robison and professional artist and educator Ophelia Chambliss, this exhibition seeks to make intergenerational connections between artists in our community that provide opportunities to expand individual networks and establish new bonds of friendship and respect that provide learning opportunities for both artists and their audience. This concept builds on an exhibition Chambliss curated in 2017 called 12 Black Women Artists that brought together artists ranging in age from 15-65.


War of the Roses
June 1 – 26, 2018
Marketview Arts
Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 5:00 PM

560 years after the original Wars of the Roses began in medieval England, a new clash is brewing between the House of York and the House of Lancaster. Wearing the badge of the White Rose, select artists of York will engage in a visual skirmish with their counterparts of Lancaster, who march west on Route 30 under the banner of the Red Rose. An occasion more for sibling revelry than rivalry, participants will be selected by curators from York and Lancaster who will raid each other’s vibrant art community to assemble a group of artists worthy of their royal inheritance.


Matthew Apol: 6th Annual Appell Fellowship Exhibition
June 7 – July 7, 2018
Cora Miller Gallery
Artist Talk/Reception: Thursday, June 7, 5:00 PM

The Appell Arts Fellowship is a year-long residency program awarded to one graduate of York College’s art program each year. This exhibition is the culminating experience. Our 2017/18 Appell Fellow is Matthew Apol, a 2007 graduate who ran his own business in New York before returning in early 2016 to immerse himself in York’s burgeoning art scene. Apol, who won the First Place Award in the 2006 Juried Student Exhibition and Graphic Design Senior Exhibition, has exhibited at Collage Gallery in New York and was recently included in the national juried exhibition Vessels at the Susquehanna Art Museum in Harrisburg.


Typorama 8.0
June 7 – July 7, 2018
Brossman Gallery
Reception: Thursday, June 7, 5:00 PM

Showcasing the typographic work of students, Typorama demonstrates the varied media use and experimentation of our Graphic Design program. Well-steeped in typographic history, usage and process, students engage in wordplay, expression and analysis of form, all in a distinctively letter-based way. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and always with the viewer in mind, students challenge themselves to create pieces that push the limits of their creativity, ability and command of language. Graphic Designers at YCP are taught the importance of self-initiated creative work as an integral part of doing excellent client-driven work. Typorama gives us a peek at their inquiry.


Erin Fostel: Interior
July 6 – August 18, 2018
Marketview Arts
Opening Reception: Friday, July 6, 5:00 PM

Baltimore-based artist Erin Fostel creates gorgeous, large-scale drawings. Her subjects tend to be people, places and things drawn with detailed perfection. Her recent series of architectural drawings began as she mourned the loss of her father, an architect, in 2014. Fostel set about exploring parts of Baltimore City she did not know well, places she thought would interest her dad, and this process of discovery became the foundation of her new work. Her interest is not in simply documenting buidings, but in capturing feeling. By exposing the drawing’s framework, she reveals both immensity of the structure and her own grief.




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