Upcoming Exhibitions & Lectures

The following schedule of upcoming events may be subject to change as York County’s COVID-19 situation evolves. Changes to the schedule will be announced here and through social media.

 Wiesberg: Appell Fellowship Exhibition
September 4 – October 17
3rd Floor, Marketview Arts (open to the public)
Artist Talk/Interview: September 3, 7:00 PM, Zoom

The Appell Arts Fellowship is an 11-month residency program awarded to a graduate of York College’s art program. The Fellowship supports both the Downtown York Arts District and the continued artistic growth of the Fellow. This exhibition, the Fellowship’s culminating experience, attests to the latter.

Through our Lens: I Can’t Breathe
by Washington Winnona Images

September 4 – October 17, 2020
1st Floor, Marketview Arts (open to the public)
Artist Talk/Interview: September 30, 7:00 PM, Zoom

This exhibition by Washington Winnona Images captures the voices of those often unheard or misunderstood and the solidarity present at the recent Black Lives Matter event held at Continental Square in York, PA as well as the Called to Action events that grew out of the original event.

There’s Something Happening Here

(Posters from the late 60s and early 70s)
September 17 – November 14
York College Galleries (*main campus is closed to visitors)
Artist Talk/Q&A: October 14, 7:00 PM, Zoom

Social history meets great graphic design. This collection of iconic posters captures the turbulence of the late 1960s and early 1970s, revealing a complicated range of youthful optimism and discontent from exuberant psychedelic concert posters to works challenging oppressive social structures and the Vietnam War.

Jessi Hardesty: Beyond the Veil
October 30 – December 5
1st Floor, Marketview Arts (open to the public)
Artist Talk/Interview: TBD (via Zoom)

This year’s YCASE Juror is Baltimore-based artist Jessi Hardesty, the Director of Visual Art and Curator at Carroll Community College. An anxious mark maker, she channels her need to liaise with the forgotten, the secret, and the macabre through the ritual labor of woodcut.

When the Bough Breaks
October 24  – December 12
3rd Floor, Marketview Arts
Artist Talk/Interview: October 23, 7:00PM, Zoom

This exhibition, curated by Susanne Slavick, pairs work by contemporary artists with texts exploring how the reality or representation of trees can offer solace and space, for the necessity of talking and listening, in the face of ongoing human conflict and impending climate catastrophe.

The following exhibitions were postponed this summer and we hope to reschedule them in 2021:

whosthere_highres_LLimpertWalt_2019Leah Limpert Walt: Shadow Work
Postponed from June. Dates TBD, Marketview Arts

This exhibition is a surrealist introspection into the constant work of understanding and reconciling the baggage of the past. Through colorful figurative and landscape paintings and conceptual sculpture, questions about the role of nature, nurture, lineage and mysticism come forward in bold symbolic honesty.

Ashley3Skin, featuring the work of Osymn Oree, Ashley Moog Bowlsbey, June Yong Lee
Postponed from June. Dates TBD, Marketview Arts

This exhibition features the work of three photographers exploring the theme of skin; June Yong Lee of Philadelphia, Ashley Moog Bowlsbey of York, and Osmyn Oree of Lancaster. The work, both beautiful and haunting, renders the theme at times metaphorically but also with intense detail.

WeAgreeTP1500Taring Padi: Art Smashing Tyranny (Postponed Indefinitely)
Postponed from March. Dates TBD, Marketview Arts

Taring Padi is an underground activist artist collective in Yogyakarta, Indonesia that formed during the upheaval surrounding the fall of Suharto. Their work denounces corruption, environmental exploitation, inequality and violence while advocating for the poor and dispossessed. This exhibition and related events have been postponed. Given the current uncertainty, we’ll have to wait until the COVID-19 crisis has passed in both the U.S. and Indonesia before rescheduling these events.


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