2017 Juried Student Exhibition List of Accepted Works

Selected Fine Art Entries (Juror: James Johnson)
Bridget Nalbone: Candid
Nick Fenn: Landscape Photo Mix
Jess Yardley: Farther from Reality
Jess Yardley: Headband
Richie Toth: Woman Portrait
Brie Dadich: Strangers’ Kids #4
Brie Dadich: Somewhere in Between
Brie Dadich: What You’ve Done to Me
Alexus DeBraganza: 1996
Alexus DeBraganza: Safari Tapestry
Amber Russell: Untitled 2
Alyssa Rankin: Untitled
Kala Enfield: Untitled I
Josh Weber: Winter Lights
Josh Weber: Life and Destruction (1 of 6)
Emily Maxwell: Mountain Scene
Maria Lenhard: Golden Ray
Darian Hoke: Flesh Study
Kristen Lee: Sea of Life
Leah Waldrop: Untitled I
Lexus Gore: Iron Peace
Heather Outwater: Equality
Rebecca Beall: Calligraphic Quote
Catherine Weaver: Gum
Colton Boyles: Woman in Chair 1A
Colton Boyles: Laundry at Midnight 2A
Noelle Becker: The Fallen
Tiara Perez: Fabric
Amber Wiesberg: Transparencies in Action
Christine Ognibene: Staying Warm
Christine Ognibene: Luna’s Sleep
Tiara Perez: Emotional
Samantha LoBue: Untitled
James O’Shea: Basket
Ivy Rodgers: Instinct
Ivy Rodgers: Topographical
Cheryl Migliarini: Landscape

Selected Graphic Design Entries (Juror: Jan Conradi)
Kristen Lee: Party Pooper
Chase Monico: The Wall
Emily Birra: Monster Alphabet
Ivy Rodgers: Netflix & Chill
Ivy Rodgers: Hold On
Douglas Shunk: Invent
Douglas Shunk: Random Eyes
Emily Maxwell: Literature Snob
Heather Outwater: Nested Native Package Design
Lauren Bupp: Penelope
Kirstyn Swancer: Dagger
Nick Labombarda: Thief
Anthony Romano: Garolfo
Rebecca Waugerman: Auldridge
Nick Gorbey: Access Granted
Lisa Courtney: Mac & Cheese
Rebecca Beall: Pedagogy & Other Terminology
Morgan Barnett: The Leaflet
Morgan Barnett: The Tagline
Christine Ognibene: Wiki Reader
Kristen Lee: Smiles
Rebecca Beall: Just Go
Nick Gorbey: Chit Chat
Heather Outwater: Day 1 of Closeness
Lexus Gore: Red Velvet & Blueberry Tarts
Josh Weber: Provoking
Josh Weber: Rise
Bridget Nalbone: Bees on Repeat
Lisa Courtney: The Cure to Stupidity
Christian Betancourt: Vote
Kerrie DeFelice: This is not U.S.

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